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The Village Outlet
Designed by the Italian architect and designer Gianni Ranaulo, the project was built in a former gravel pit, and it evokes, as its name suggests, the traditional French village of Isère. 
However, it is reinterpreted in black and white codes. Or rather in "shadows and light". 
More than just a shopping center, The Village is almost an amusement park flanked by a lake,
green spaces, concert stages, and a range of services. This first outlet village of its kind in the region gathers 120 luxury brands (premium luxury and sport), as well as 8 restaurants in contemporary village architecture. In addition, All technical installations and service areas are visually masked
by vegetation or decorative elements.
City : Villefontaine (38)
Area : 25,000 m²
Parking spaces: 1,500 Places

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